Professional College Advisors Serving Bay Area Students

At Admit One College Advising, our goal in the college planning process is to facilitate organization, alleviate stress and provide an environment where the students can enjoy the exploration, and--most importantly--find a good college 'fit'.


Contact one of our professional advisors for more information:

Lee Oller 925.930.8752

Pat Brands 925.943.1323

Sara Schroeder 925.934.6775


"Sara did a wonderful job with Nicholas on his application and essays. The quality of his application was paramount and her guidance and support made all the difference.”

Miramonte High School
Class of 2011

"I remember the thoughtfulness with which Lee looked over my essays, and I really appreciated all her feedback."

UC Berkeley
Class of 2013

“I attended your presentation for parents of GATE middle school students and was thoroughly impressed.”

Northgate High School
Class of 2016

“Pat’s ability to be candid without being critical was valuable to me…she helped me without filling me with false hopes. She supported me by listening.”

UC Santa Barbara
Class of 2012




We provide expert assistance in many areas, such as:

  • A targeted search for 'good fit' colleges.

  • Application review and assistance with supplemental materials for competitive majors.

  • Organization and time management skills.

  • Essay and short answer writing strategies.

  • Tips for successful college visits and interviews.